check out my midget, retard finger!

it is my little finger, just after the accident
lucky it just closed broken bone, simple operation can fixed it,
but i choose not to operate, why?
because i have fieldwork, involving seawater and everything
so, i cannot stand having myself not to involve such activities because of little finger
must go to fieldwork!

then, the doctor just do the simple bandage over my hand,
but i think they are doing it wrong, haha
that is why my little finger still look retarded
never mind, my fault for not having operation at first place
well, i still can swim and dive, better though

later, i might post more about my accident
i am better with image and all, not telling story though, haha


Ras said...

pergila operate gedik betul! nanti lagi teruk. but take care of your little finger

raremany said...

no no, sekarang tak boleh completely luruh, tapi masih boleh gerak2, kalu operate, urat2 jari mati, lagi kaku