that first trip i could not insist to miss

1st image

from left to right, me, pian, kimi, syafiq
alif, iylia, khairi, and fakhrul...
just arrive at Pulau Langkawi
but our real destination is Pulau Tuba, which is...

2nd image

here! this is Pulau Tuba, you got nothing here but villages
some stall food or chalet for tourist like us

3rd image

some of pictures of us doing our work,
collecting sample, reserve them, blahblahblah*
quite fun really, see that,
even with injured hand, i still trying to
involve myself with such work

4th image

another picture of us for another work,
we enjoy our time collecting sample, again haha
but this time more enjoyable, as we playing with beach sand

5th image

on our way home,
i met Iylia Nazery, wow
such good conversation we have, maybe haha
unlucky for us, it just short meeting
well, i might meet others on next trips

p/s: pictures quite large, click on it for better view, really


Ras said...

waaaah da bnyak letak gambar da? :P bagus2! hehe

raremany said...

haha, macam ni la, tak reti bercerita ye dok

The Medical Duo said...

ex KMPK jalan2 sini

raremany said...

saya menghargai kehadiran saudara :)