quick dead end or long way of stairway

another post from dead blog of mine
Getting married, yay

Should learn from that anon with his kitten

this year will be my year

and so next year of my life

usually a picture or bunch of pictures would fit better than typing words
that is the way i been doing
this time around just to let you guys know what will happen to me

and so you
well, i simply do not know.

Game 2

so continue with my obsession
Dark Souls
so far I have manage defeated

Gaping Dragon, as scaled with human size
always hate this one

Iron Golem

sumo guy with lion man


I have this obsession
single game: Dark Souls
I spend nearly one year watching at Youtube on
how others play

start my own game file after one year Bluray disc in closet
not joking because
first 2 week(one year before) playing without any progression

so, only after 6 hours playing
including Saturday and Sunday
I've accomplish defeated bosses which are:

fat demon with bat

taurus demon

demon with wings but not flying much

another taurus human-like demon

beautiful butterfly

many many snake head

cute big wolf 


so there is time were
player come invade to kill
or summoned by myself to help beat the boss

all for good cause

instant beat and kill that guy in red

these guys badass